Local Authorities in Palestine in Light of the Corona Pandemic (COVID-19)


  • Shaher Obaid Al- Quds Open University


Local Authorities, Corona Pandemic, covid19, pandemic, palestine


The research seeks to give a detailed description of the current state of affairs within the local authorities in Palestine. Notably, the issues that are explicitly addressed are how the pandemic has affected the local authorities' capacity to offer essential services to the citizens. A conceptual frame is extensively used to facilitate a proper understanding of the extent to which the pandemic has negatively impacted the local authorities' abilities. Also, the crucial roles, such as environmental services, water services, solid waste elimination, among others, are equally mentioned to ensure that one understands how the pandemic has limited the delivery of these services. Additionally, the challenges facing the local authorities in the face of this pandemic are equally highlighted. Finally, a recommendation section is included to address some of the measures that the local authorities can implement to prevent the effects associated with the occurrence of the pandemic.


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