A Morpho-Phonemic Analysis of Lukabaras Verbal Nominals






Lukabaras, verbal nominal, morpho phonemic process


This paper investigated Lukabaras verbal nominals.The specific aim was to analyse the alterations verbs in Lukabaras undergo to form nouns. Accordingly, the study explained the morphological and phonological constraints involved in the formation of such items. The study adopted a descriptive design. A sample of 40 lexical items was picked through purposive sampling technique for analysis. In view of this, the items that featured in this study were typically nouns formed from verbs. The findings of this study revealed that certain Lukabaras nominals derived from verbs exhibited morpho phonemic processes. As such the study concluded that the formation of Lukabaras verbal nominals involved affixation, consonant assimilation and vowel gliding.


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