Observation and Reflection of English Intensive Reading Classroom from the Perspective of Multimodal Discourse Analysis


  • Guo Zhe Department of Foreign Languages of North China Electric Power University, Baoding of Hebei Province




Multimodal Discourse Analysis, College English Teaching, Intensive Reading course


The application of Multimodal Discourse Analysis to language teaching classroom adapts to the requirements put forward by the multimodality environment in modern social life, since various multimodal teaching strategies are employed to enhance students' language skills. However, problems exist in the efficient collocation between various modes. Classroom observation is employed to collect the data, and the framework proposed by Zhang Delu (2016) is followed to conduct the Multimodal Discourse Analysis of the Intensive Reading class of the juniors of English majors in North China Electric Power University. Finally, the problems from the aspects of cultural context, contextual context, interactive context, modal and media are identified, and the suggestions to improve language teaching practice are raised accordingly in terms of teachers' employment of modality and the teaching design.


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