Exploring Linguistics in Literature: An Analysis of Linguistics through Words


  • Cristina Guarneri Southern New Hampshire University




Language, History of Language, Power Words


Exploring the linguistic styles of language through words, the selection of language used by an author is pivotal to choosing their works. Linguistics are used as a tool to explore emotion through each author’s works, where a semantic domain is often shared in all language. Words such as feel, want, and love are consistent words that provide power to the meaning of the words. Words within these works expressed emotion through language, which created a culture that embraced the emotional experience of the reader through a breakdown of words, such as the use of context to create a fevered effect to language. Context as a linguistic structure, holds particular meaning to tone of voice, body language, and the words being used for branding, storytelling, and to promote power through words. The study of Old, Middle, and Early Modern English has influenced the creation of literature through dialect and through history the English has transformed over the years, we should consider ourselves to be philologists that study the classics and its uses.




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Guarneri, C. (2018) “Exploring Linguistics in Literature: An Analysis of Linguistics through Words”, Journal of English Language and Literature (ISSN: 2368-2132), 9(3), pp. 876–883. doi: 10.17722/jell.v9i3.367.