Realistic Fiction and Literature: The Influence of Believable Characters on Readers


  • Cristina Guarneri Southern New Hampshire University



Realistic Fiction, Characters, Influence


What we think and what we read has more influence on our political attitudes as adults. Much of our political information comes from literature. The amount of time the average person spends watching television becomes a dominant force to how we view the world. We see books such as Harry Potter and the Wizard of Oz tell a story that is brings a message on the political landscape of a nation, as Dorothy’s party returns after killing the Witch of the West, the Wizard keeps them waiting, then puts them off. Short stories and novels that make the reader feel that they are getting to know real people dealing with believable situations can be considered literature that is realistic fiction. This type of fiction has been found in the stories of fiction shows that the impact of characters has a direct influence on reader’s decision-making and world view. This is due to creating characters that are realistic to the people and situations found in society today.




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